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Cara Mengatasi Gangguan Perut pada Bayi

Feeding in infants especially the toddler needs to get very tight protection, because in these types of food consumed carelessly, then it is likely the baby will experience many health disorders in the abdomen such as nausea, constipation, diarrhea and so on. But as tightly as any we choose the correct type of baby food, sometimes those problems could not be avoided, so as to anticipate required an understanding of the safe and natural way, for example by using yams and apples.

Why do I recommend using sweet potato and Apple is because both of these ingredients have benefits that are effective for coping with upset stomach in infants. But before discussing how, it’s good for us to know the benefits that content owned by him.

The sweet potato has benefits on the discussion this time is a type of sweet potato. This contains beta carotene from sweet, folate, potassium, calcium, vitamin A, vitamin E, which has excellent benefits to fullfill the needs of nutrition for infants. And in addition to a complete, sweet substance also has privileges in the process cernanya, as it contains high fiber, it will help the baby in the digest and launch a system pencernaannya.

As for Apple, the fruit is green and Red has a nutrient content which is not inferior to the sweet potatoes. The highest content on Apple’s fiber and vitamins so that when given to infants, then his nutritional needs are any pencernaannya system and would be sure to be more healthy.

As for how that can be done to be able to give you the benefits of both these materials on a baby who still haven’t been able to consume solid food with good, among others, as follows:

Make juice. Puree the ingredients in a way memblendernya and made apple juice or sweet juice. Specially for sweet, you can add a little sugar to the juice is served can be liked by your baby. Make a slurry. Porridge made from sweet or Apple can be a hefty effective. Please your own slurry process like what you want to give to your baby. Make snacks. How to make yams and apples as a snack is with small little mengukusnya then cut it until tender. After that, just give it to your baby to be consumed.

Thus a brief description about it. May be useful and good luck.